Saturday, January 24, 2009

Editorial of the Week: WSJ - "Bush was a Big-Government Disaster"

This is my pick for best editorial of the week. It ran in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, January 24, 2009. I have summarized it below and included the author's final paragraph:

Bush increased the size and scope of Federal Government to unprecedented levels. He expanded the state (click here to read Obama's remarks on the size of Government in his Inaugural Address), and the sense that the state is incompetent. Examples include:

  1. Thousands of new airport security checking confiscating nail clippers and contact lens solution but producing little actual benefit
  2. No Child Left Behind Act Federalized K-12 education with nothing to show but more Federal spending
  3. Medicare Prescription benefit enacted - the largest new entitlement program since LBJ
  4. Federal Government now guarantees 8 trillion of inscrutable financial sector loans
  5. Overall budget increased by $345 billion during first 4 years, and additional $287 trillion during second term, beating even LBJ's spending
  6. Increase in regulations, adding 64,438 pages
  7. The Iraq war, which has lasted longer than any conflict except Vietnam
"George W Bush has taught us the government really can't be trusted to be effective, or open, or smart. He has also taught us that government can always get bigger on every level and every way. It's a sad lesson we'll be learning for years to come." - Nick Gillispie

My take: It is apparent from history that it is easy to grow the size of government, but very difficult to slow it down and almost impossible to shrink it. In that this massive growth occurred under Bush, I cannot consider his Administration to have been a positive.

Click here for the full article in the Wall Street Journal.