Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Exurb" defined

Downtown Saint Louis

Do you remember the good old days when things were simpler and people either lived in the city or in the suburbs?

Then came the real estate boom and suddenly people were moving so far out it was past any reasonable definition of "suburbs." The idea was to buy a bigger and/or cheaper house because it was located in the boonies. Thus, a new term was invented to describe these distant locales: the "exurbs." I remember my shock the first time a friend told me he was voluntarily moving almost an hour a way from his job. Shortly after, my father in law moved an hour and a half away.

When I lived in St Louis, I loved the city. Not the outskirts, not the suburbs, but the city. However, the migration to the suburbs was a constant, and soon, I felt a bit alone as a city dweller. Above is a picture of downtown St Louis, which I think it is kind of neat.