Thursday, March 11, 2010

How I discovered Tally Hall

I have been listening to a wonderful new musical group - Tally Hall. I discovered them because my two year old son old watches a children’s TV show, Happy Monster Band. I noticed the music to the show was extraordinary. Here is one of the vignettes, “Even Monsters Cry Sometimes.”

I checked and the music was written and performed by Tally Hall. I picked up their latest album, and it is some of the best contemporary music I have come across in many years.

I would describe their style as happy and super-creative Pop.  Here is one of their songs, Good Day.

They have been signed to the Atlantic label and their second album is due soon. They are from Michigan - it’s good to see such great new artists coming on the scene today.

By the way, I have to give my son credit. I get up and watch the depressing news. He turns on his cartoons and has a great time. I think he is the smarter one. And he even has good taste in music.

Tally Hall